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Who we are

AN-RA is a private owned company established in 1992.

The activity started with crafts for the provision of services in the field of computer science. Immediately after a few months the business has outgrown the possibilities of the service trades in that time, and has established and activated enterprise AN-RA spo

The personnel consisted of maintenance and repair of computer equipment. In late 90s, the compliance with the Companies Act we have changed the name to the AN-RA Ltd. and operates under that name today.

OUR GOAL: With our customers we want to achieve long-term partnership in order to support in all segments of the IT business, and pay special attention to the quality of our services

What we offer

  • Hardware

    Procurement implementation and maintenance of your computer system.

  • Networking

    Design and implementation of business networking solutions.

  • Design

    Conceptual solutions for your visual identity

  • Development

    Creating and optimizing business processes.

Latest projects

  • Mobile applications




    We are currently working on several different projects made exclusively for mobile platform (Android and iOS).
    1. Melita
    This is video game, "from above" view. Little girl is running from home and travel to grandparents to have a birthsday party.

    2. Special needs help software
    This application is adjusted to help people with special needs to do everyday taks. 

  • Wine social network




     This is social network for wine maker group from Slavonia.
    - web site with social network application
    - profile management
    - interacion between profiles (eg. "like", comments, messages)
    - profiles multimedia and sharing (images, video, articles on site)
    - marketing (banners, movies, implementation from facebook, newsletter for any profile)e)

  • Traffic accident assistant




     Personal assistant software and hardware device for helping after having traffic accident.
    - location capturer
    - scheme maker
    - interaction with other services (police, insurance)
    - advisor for planning steps in further action (depending on the distance from the competent services)
    - and many more features...

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